Quest 4.0

FeelGood Quest 4.0 adjustable base has a sturdy and substantial design, with added features like lumbar support and active head tilt articulation to help relieve pressure from the lower back and neck. It also comes with Hello Ergo voice activation and a wireless remote with programmable presets to let you easily adjust your bed just the way you like it. Whether you’re ready to wind down with our Relaxation Mode gentle massage feature or start the day fully charged with our dual USB ports, Quest 4.0 delivers everyday luxury at a practical price point.


Lifts the HEAD section of the base

Lowers the HEAD section of the base

One Touch Flat Preset Position

One touch Zero G Preset Position

Lifts the FOOT section of the base

Lowers the FOOT section of the base

Programmable buttons 1

Programmable buttons 2

Power Outage Protection

Silent Drive Motors

Zero Standby Power System

Black Metal 6+3 Legs

Zero G

One touch Flat Position

Head & Foot Controls

Wireless Remote

Headboard Brackets

Zero Clearance

2 Programmable Position

Interchangeable Leg Options

Gravity Release


Comes in Three Size -
TXL: 914mm (36”)W X 1981mm(78”)L X 279mm (11”)H
Queen: 1524mm (60”)W X 1981mm(78”)L X 279mm (11”)H
King: 1828mm (72”)W X 1981mm(78”)L X 279mm (11”)H
*King are two TXL beds with separate remotes.




A position for everone


Attempting to seek a comfortable position while reading your favourite book, The head-up position helps to support your head and neck reducing the stress on their arm.

Gym Freak

After a long day, there is no better way to soothe your aching feet and legs than putting your feet up in bed. Elevate your legs for a sense of relief as this position removes the pressure from the leg veins, encouraging better blood flow.

Binge Watcher

Experience the personalized TV watching experience. The bed offers the ultimate comfortable position with best TV viewing angle.

Busy Bee Lounge

The lounge position of feel-good can transform your bed into the perfect relaxation zone. It is perfect for relaxing and resting after a long and tiring day you had at work. It gives back support which slants toward the back for a reclined position with the feet raised.


One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off the lower back to help you sleep better and get up fresh.


Gym Freak

Binge Watcher

Busy Bee


Headboard is not a part of the standard product offering.

Comparison: Motion Beds

Quest 2.0
Features QUEST 2.0 QUEST 4.0 HC 365
10 Years Limited Warranty Yes Yes 5 Years
Remote 9 Button Remote 19 Button Remote 12 Button Remote
Wireless Remote
Head & Foot Control
One Touch Flat Position
Programmable Preset 2 2 2
Zero Clearance
Zero G
Zero Standby Power System
Power Outage Protection
Silent Drive Motors
Wall Saver
Auto Head Tilt
Dual USB Ports
Underbed Lighting
Extension Deck
Leg Options 12 Stackable Legs 12 Stackable Legs 9 Legs
Headboard Brackets
Gravity Release
Lumbar Support
Mood Lighting
Remote Flashlight

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