Nature Pure Latex Mattress

Made with 100% Natural Latex foam which relieves the pressure that causes you to toss and turn at night. The latex foam provides cushion like support for pressure points like hips and shoulders allowing comfortable and restful night’s sleep.


100% Organic Latex

Whisk away body heat by allowing air to circulate naturally

Chemical Odour Free

Virgin Wool fiber to keep your body cool

Inherently resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria

Eco friendly

Provides Superior Support and comfort

Highly Durable



USDA : Trees are grown per Organic standards, free of chemical fertilizers and spraying any weed killers

GOLS - Our Organic Latex is free of any harmful substances

GOTS : We only use organic cotton fabrics that are manufactured by GOTS-certified mills. It’s a guarantee that all colors and auxiliary materials used have been tested for their environmental safety.

ECO tested: Latex foam is tested for hazardous emissions and VOC ( Volatile organic compounds)

Prop 65 : Compliance to California Proposition 65 Law for non –detection of carcinogenic substances


FeelGood Nature Pure Latex Mattress is available in 2 sizes.



Comparison Sheet of Motion Beds

Gel Infused Mattress
Features Dream Smooth Dream Comfort Nature Pure Nature Rest
Limited Warranty Period 5 5 7 7
100% Natural
Thermal Gel Infused memory foam
Supperior Support and Comfort
Motion Transfer resistance
Pressure Distribution property
Inherent Cooling property
VOC free
Anti Microbial
Compatible with all the frame

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