Snugg Classic Pillow

This Pillow helps you sleep cool and comfortable, provides ultimate support to your head and shoulders through out the night.


Made with Gel-infused foam which has inherent property of cooling.

Provides support to your head and neck.

Provides ultimate temperature adaptability utility, letting you sleep at ease during every season.

Smoothly reacts to the body’s weight and reduces pressure points.

Help to keep the spine aligned.

Reduce tossing, turning and discomfort.


FeelGood Gel Memory Snugg Classic Pillows is available in 1 sizes.

Comparison Sheet of Pillows

Cozy Classic Pillow of Mix Foam
Features Cozy Classic Snugg Contour Snugg Classic Visco Contour Visco Classic Hevea Classic Hevea contour Hevea Curve Hevea Go Hevea Support
100 % Natural Latex
Gel Infused Memory foam
Memory foam
Contoured design
Provides superior comfort to your head and neck
Keep Spine aligment propely
Perfect lumar support
Inherent property of cooling
Breathable , allows air to circulate naturally
Relieves pressure that reduces discomfort
Reduces Snoring
Reduces Tossing and turing
Inherently resistant to mildew,molds and bacteria
Highly Durable
Chemical odor free

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