Benefits of using FeelGood Adjustable Bases

A FeelGood adjustable base can help alleviate a number of chronic conditions like arthritis , sleep apnea , edema and asthma.

So it is not just about sleep. It’s about improving your health, your mood , your wellness and your outlook on life.

Better Blood Circulation

Adjust your bed base to relieve pressure on your circulatory system by supporting the base of the spine and supporting your head
Helps in reducing pressure points throughout your body so blood can flow freely through your veins without risk of oxygen or nutrient deprivation, during your night’s sleep.

Relieve Asthama And Sleep Apnea

Having the ability to adjust your head upright and improve airflow through your nasal passages with a simple “click”, can improve sleep quality and reduce snoring.

Improve Digestion

Well-positioned adjustable beds base can prevent you from retaining gas in your stomach keeping you more comfortable throughout the night.

Better Sleep For Insomniacs

Our adjustable beds can make a major difference for people who struggle to sleep through the night by encouraging flexibility, it’s even easier to find a position that’s comfortable and conducive to sleep.

Reduced Leg Swelling

Lying flat for hours at a time can increase swelling and inflammation. Adjustable beds allows you to raise your legs as needed, preventing fluids from pooling overnight.

Ease of Getting Out Of Bed

For those with limited mobility, getting out of bed can be a struggle. Adjustable beds make the process simple by allowing you to instantly adjust the height of your legs and torso. By raising your chest and shoulders first, adjustable beds can make it simpler to get into and out of bed, as needed.


How adjustable bed can help us in improving the sleep


Attempting to seek a comfortable position while reading your favorite book, The head up position helps to support your head and neck reducing the stress on their arm.

Gym Freak

After a long day, there is no better way to soothe your aching feet and legs than putting your feet up in bed. Elevate your legs for a sense of relief as this position removes the pressure from the leg veins, encouraging better blood flow.

Binge Watcher

Experience the personalized TV watching experience. The bed offers ultimate comfortable position with best TV viewing angle.

Busy Bee Lounge

The lounge position of feel-good can transform your bed into the perfect relaxation zone. It is perfect for relaxing and resting after a long and tiring day you had at work. It gives back support which slants toward the back for a reclined position with the feet raised.


One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure off the lower back to help you sleep better and get up fresh.


Massage motors soothe sore muscles while you sleep or lounge. Unwind with a free massage in the comfort of your home.

Under Bed Lighting

Soft LED lighting under your bed helps guide you through the dark safely without waking your partner .


Gym Freak

Binge Watcher

Busy Bee



Under Bed Lighting

Headboard is not a part of the standard product offering.